1. Favorite one-off episode of any series.
2. Favorite villain
3. Least favorite “main character” of a show
4. Favorite “sidekick”
5. Character you love to hate.
6. Favorite friendship
7. Friendship that never felt real to you.
8. Favorite…



Deciding whether or not I want to keep watching Teen Wolf next season is like deciding whether or not to accept that drunk booty call from your ex who is suuuper hot but who never makes you come and also makes you pay for the takeout after

So true.



If you don’t think Danny flipping the tables on Ethan about the not-so-subtle supernatural activity in Beacon Hills is the best part of the episode then you’re so terribly wrong I’m praying for you.

Just imagine Danny texting Jackson one day out of the blue:

D: dude are you a werewolf
J: what



I choose to believe that Danny knows because he regularly Skypes with Jackson and keeps him up to date on all the pack bullshit after Jackson tells him.

"Yeah, in econ today they were literally seeing how many times they could flash their eyes at Coach and not get caught. Idiots. Half the class knows now but we’re thinking about keeping it secret so we can make it part of our senior prank. Plus we don’t want the Scott and Isaac disqualified in lacrosse."




ten bucks jackson told danny cause they’ve been best friends since forever and he was just like “It’s danny